Home of fresh air

Pien- ja omakotitalot

Single family houses

Intelligent and energy-efficient ventilation safeguards your most important investment – your home. Whether you are building a new house or renovating an old one, Vallox ventilation units take care of good indoor air.

Rivi- ja kerrostalot

Blocks of flats and terraced houses

Decentralized residential ventilation works by the needs of residents. Ventilation can be intensified when needed, not in certain time.

Koulut ja toimistot

Schools and offices

Easy and affordable way to make indoor air better is individual ventilation. While classroom or office is occupied, carbon dioxide and moisture content increases and more efficient ventilation is needed. However next room can be empty. Ventilation in empty room can be reduced and energy will be saved.

Original filters

Only with original filters You can be sure that Your ventilation unit works properly. At the moment we deliver filters only in Finland. 

Best solution for You

See Vallox products and find the right solution for You. Easy product search helps you with choosing. 


MyVallox ventilation units are energy saving and they can be controlled via mobile devices. Inner humidity sensor takes care of indoor air automatically.  Try out our demo of MyVallox Cloud service.

Where to find Vallox product in Your country?

Find the nearest importer, they will tell You who is local retailer.


New ventilation unit for an old one-family house

Easy ventilation renovation without duct modifications


New construction

Silent ventilation in a terraced house, part 2

The terraced house (Loimaan Myrskylinnanportti) was completed during the spring of 2007. All the residents could move as planned in April.

New construction

Silent ventilation in a terraced house, part 1

This is a 2-part article reporting on the implementation of ventilation for a 6-dwelling terraced house completed in the spring of 2007.

New construction