Easy status control

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The efficiency of ventilation is modified separately in each premises, making it easy for all family members to control the ventilation.

At home profile

So-called standard ventilation specified according to the needs of each home. When the unit runs at a 50–60 % efficiency level, the air inside the apartment is replaced once in every two hours.  Settings are easy to view and modify using the buttons.

Away profile

When there’s no one home, the ventilation level can be reduced. Usually the efficiency level of the Away profile is roughly 30 % lower than that of the At home profile. Settings are easy to view and modify using the buttons.

Boost profile

When the humidity of carbon dioxide load increases, the ventilation should be increased in order to keep the air fresh. Usually the efficiency level of the Boost profile is roughly 30 % higher than that of the At home profile. In MyVallox ventilation units, the Boost profile can also be programmed to be turned on for a certain period of time.

Fireplace profile

When the Fireplace profile is turned on, momentary overpressure is created in the apartment, which makes lighting the fire easier.  You can easily specify how long the function is turned on. Once the specified time has elapsed, the At home profile will be reset automatically.

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