Make the air move from anywhere

Adjust ventilation easily, both at home and remotely.

The new generation MyVallox ventilation units can be adjusted from anywhere. The unit can be controlled at home either using the control panel that comes with the unit, or through the home network. For the first time, ventilation can now also be controlled remotely through the easy-to-use MyVallox Cloud cloud service.
The integrated humidity sensor  enhances and reduces ventilation according to need. Ventilation units can also be connected to house automation through Modbus.

Vallox ventilation units make ventilation easy!

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MyVallox Control - Smart and predictive status control

The MyVallox Control control panel is easy and pleasant to use. The colour display icons are simple to understand. Clear graphics provide useful information on ventilation at a glance. Special attention has been paid to the usability of the menus, and the control panel has practical touch buttons. The control panel is a standard feature of all MyVallox ventilation units.

The energy-saving control has four status options – At home, Away, Boost, and Fireplace. The handy week clock can be used to programme the status options in advance based on planned comings and goings, therefore saving energy. If the entire family is away from home on weekdays between 8–16, the Away status can be programmed into the week clock for that period with the Home status programmed to start when the family returns home.  

MyVallox Home, a ventilation unit in the home network 

MyVallox ventilation units can be connected to the home network through a router. This allows it to be controlled through a terminal that is connected to the network wirelessly.  The unit can also be connected to house automation through Modbus.

The user can change the ventilation status and unit settings either by computer or through the MyVallox control panel. For example, the air flow speed and supply air temperature can be easily modified, and air flow temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide statistics can be monitored.  You can also select how often the unit reminds you to change the filter.

The MyVallox Cloud remote control is part of modern ventilation

When the ventilation unit is registered with the MyVallox Cloud cloud service, the unit can be controlled from anywhere through the Internet. If you forget to turn on the Away profile when going on holiday, you can do so easily remotely through a smart phone, computer, or tablet.

All data, indoor temperature, unit information, and errors can be viewed online. Subject to the user’s permission, Vallox’s technical support can remotely examine the functions of the unit. Remote control saves energy and helps avoid unnecessary maintenance visits.

Simply better technology

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has granted MyVallox ventilation units the best energy efficiency rating, A+. The units efficiently use the heat in the extract air, and their annual heat recovery efficiency is over 75 %. MyVallox units have been designed for the harsh northern climate and operate flawlessly also in demanding conditions.

The integrated humidity sensor also saves energy, as it automatically improves ventilation when air humidity increases, and returns it to the normal level afterwards. At the same time it protects the structures of your house against the damage that can be caused by excessive humidity. Vallox offers all you need in a ventilation system. In addition to a smart ventilation unit and handy control, the selection also includes the Vallox BlueSky duct system, which is easy to install in both new and renovated buildings.

Choose Vallox, and breathe easy!

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